Joe Pinsker

I'm a staff writer at The Atlantic, where I cover the intersection of families, relationships, work, and leisure. I also often write about inequality, food, psychology, time use, and, of course, Jeopardy.

During the pandemic, I've written about young people moving back in with their parents, the "super-savers" of 2020, the economic and racial disparities that would go on to define the pandemic, and the peculiar way time passed in 2020 (and 2021).

Separately, I've written about four-day workweeks, "metacookbooks," the lines for men's and women's bathrooms, the world's happiest countries, long-distance relationships, the "Sunday Scaries" and the nature of modern work, and human-like pet food.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to college in Philadelphia, am based in Davidson, NC, and eat the same thing for lunch every (work)day.


I've discussed my articles in interviews with CNN, On the Media, and several other TV and radio outlets.

You can get in touch with me at and follow me on Twitter @jpinsk.

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